Murals at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London

I was commissioned to produce two large scale mural works to go on the side of the purpose built Medicinema for patients in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital by the CW+ Charity. I was asked to create two colourful murals on either side of it that would be uplifting for the patients to see. They feature lots of local landmarks to spend time looking at and are in the shape of animals. The patients and staff at the hospital helped me to come up with ideas for the places to include and which animal shapes to choose. On one side of the cinema there is a mother and baby rhino made up of buildings such as the Natural History Museum and the Albert Hall and on the other side is a leaping fox made up landmarks from Fulham, Earls Court and Battersea. I have included here photos of the murals, the digital illustrations of the Rhinos and Fox and also the building sketches I made in researching the pieces along with two initial design ideas.

Andy Council was commissioned to create two largescale murals as part of the CW+ MediCinema capital project at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in 2015. Working with the arts team at CW+, Andy worked with young patients in our paediatric wards to select animals and local landmarks to feature in his unique style of work. The resultant artworks adorn both sides of the CW+ MediCinema, and are visible from many different levels of the hospital. They are accompanied by interpretation which encourages passers-by to pick local landmarks out from the compositions, an excellent tool for distraction and engagement, particularly for younger patients, but also for anyone with a connection to the local area. The colours and tone of the artworks were carefully selected by Andy to communicate with the other artwork and the overall aesthetic of the hospital, and as such they have become part of the fabric of the hospital. Andy also worked with us to create a limited edition print which continues the commission’s legacy as a fundraising and engagement stream. Andy’s work is a favourite with our patients, visitors and staff, and forms a key part of our collection.
Naomi Good, Art and Design Manager CW+