Two Mile Hill Murals

Public art commission by myself and AcerOne in Kingswood painted in 2023.  The main wall is a coat of arms for Two Mile Hill.

These mural works by myself and AcerOne centre around the ‘Two Mile Hill - Coat of Arms’

The idea for this piece came following a series of community engagement sessions that we hosted at the Hive Community Centre and The Bourne Centre with local service users who told us facts, stories and their experiences of living and working in Two Mile Hill. We took all of this information and began designing a modern coat of arms for Two Mile Hill that incorporated as many features of the area that we could.

Starting at the top:
The Crest - Crossed pickaxe and shovel representing mining history and magpies for Magpie Bottom Nature Reserve.
The Helm - An owl replaces a helmet characterising wisdom and knowledge of the area. Owls can also be heard at night.
The Shield - Is a heart to represent community. Inside the heart is Mars with Colin Pillinger’s ‘Beagle 2’ spacecraft on the surface.
The Supporters - A fox and horse incorporating local buildings and landmarks.
The Motto - Translates as ‘Two Mile Hill’ from English to Latin, and interestingly, ‘Two Thousand Hills’ from Latin back to English!
The addition of a hidden scotch egg depicts the much loved local delicacy from the Bakers Corner (available on Thursdays and Fridays only!)

This project was delivered as one of the activities under the City Centre and High Streets Recovery and Renewal Programme, funded by Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority’s Love our High Streets project.