St John On The Wall Murals

Murals painted in the pedestrian arches of St John On The Wall church, Bristol.  Commissioned by Bristol City Council and Churches Conservation Trust.

I was commissioned in 2021 by Bristol City Council and Churches Conservation Trust to paint the pedestrian arches of St John On The Wall church.  

Situated in the Old City area of Bristol, the pieces are based on creatures relevant to the church and landmarks from the area. All the creatures are in a heraldic style and painted in colours similar to those used in illuminated manuscripts.  

The lion and unicorn are from the Bristol cost of arms. The lion is made up of more modern buildings on Nelson Street and it’s street art. It also features a the ‘Doom’ mural that is in the church depicting people going to hell! The Unicorn is made up of Old City buildings including the Dutch House which is no longer there.

The eagle is based on one that is in the crypt. It is similar to medieval maps of Bristol and features the river Frome, Bristol Cross and Bristol bridge with buildings on it.

The final design is a beast based on a carving next to St John’s Conduit. It shows the route of the conduit and the landmarks along the way. Thank you to Peter Hall for the photos