Visual Documentation work

I have included in this section two projects where I have been brought in to visually document opinions and ideas that people have within a workshop.  It is very much a case of me thinking on my feet, making notes and drawing out illustrations on the spot with paint pens.  This gives a visual record of the event which can be displayed and referred back to.

The first project I have featured here was for the artists Ella & Nicki on their Building A Martian House project.  Over several workshop discussion sessions with academics and members of the public I came along and drew out everyones ideas. Subjects covered included how a martian house might be built, the challenges that settlers would be faced with and the cultivation of food in a hostile environment.

The second project featured was working with Bristol University and a community group from Lawrence Weston in Bristol.  They focussed on the bus service from Lawrence Weston, how long it takes to get to different parts of Bristol and the places the bus goes through.  They were interested in the transport infrastructure and how connected (or disconnected) the people of Lawrence Weston feel to Bristol as a whole.  The work took place on a bus.....which was interesting.  I've included a pic of me making some notes.