Back in 2009 the RWA opened it's doors to Bristol's Graffiti and Street Artists for the Crimes Of Passion exhibition.  As it was a prestigious show I decided to step it up a gear and made a 3D version of one of my Bristol Dinosaurs.  Luckily I had a lot of help from my model maker friend Matt Pugh.

I have included here some photos showing the building process.  It was a matter of using whatever was available to make the creature - wood, car filler, spray paint, model trees etc.  Luckily it held together and made it to the RWA in one piece. As part of the installation I painted a mural on the wall behind it showing a blueprint of the dinosaur.  The show was a great success and really helped to get my work known in Bristol and beyond.  

The Brisuanadon went on to live in Bristol City Museum for a while but can now be found in M Shed museum where it happily greets visitors.