Lines Brew Co Illustrations

Illustration work for branding of Lines Brew Co based in Usk, Wales.  Illustrations used for web, on beer cans, beer taps, T shirts, in the tap room and more.  

Virtual Reality Work

Models created using the 3D-painting virtual-reality application Tilt Brush

Visual Documentation work

I have included in this section two projects where I have been brought in to visually document opinions and ideas that people have within a workshop.  It is very much a case of me thinking on my feet, making notes and drawing out illustrations on the spot with paint pens.  This gives a visual record of the event which can be displayed and referred back to.

Window Drawings

Temporary drawings on windows using paint marker pens.

Illustration work

A variety of different illustrations from scenes to creatures made up of things.

Illustrations with lettering

Map Illustrations

Food and drink

Illustrations and murals with a food and drink theme.  

Aerial View Illustrations

Illustrations from an overhead perspective of cities, buildings and other scenarios.

City Creature Illustrations

Various types of creatures made up of different cities  Some real cities and animals, some not.